Sharing the experience

Canada's Past

J V Wright, Canadian Archaeologist

Many thousands of years have passed since humans first stepped foot on this land that we now call Canada and, like characters in an exceptionally long fairy-tale, we have been leaving clues to our passing ever since.

From stone spearheads made by Ice Age hunters who dared the treacherous Beringia passage to evidence of refined silver mining and crafting in the Great Lakes region over two thousand years ago and ill-fated shipwriecks submerged in icy waters, Canadian archaeologists and historians regularly traverse the complex and interwoven pathways of the past to reveal insights into the lives of those who passed before us.

But upwards of 20,000 years and 10 million square kilometres is a lot of time and space to cover and, in a very real sense, our discoveries have really only just begun.

A.H.B.I. Associates Inc. is proud to be a participant in this journey and, most particularly, in sharing what we learn with our fellow Canadians.